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T-shop Items

Rare and powerful artifacts and expensive toys


Here's some information about the various things you can find for sale in the travelling shop. Not complete yet.


a medium sized swirling white bottle

An angry spirit is trapped inside this bottle. When you open it, the spirit will immediately escape and attack everything in the room, the person who released it included.


Cost: $100


a black eyepatch

In true pirate spirit, wearing this eyepatch will halve your field of view. It cuts the number of display columns by half.


Cost: $10


a black frisbee

A fun party toy for any occasion, you can throw this frisbee to anyone anywhere on the disc.


Cost: $20


a black metal medallion

Religious icon of Sek.


Cost: $50


a pair of black leather gloves

Also known as dex gloves, these gloves boost your dexterity at the cost of your strength.


Effect: +2 dexterity / -1 strength


Cost: $220


a bronze helm

The bronze helm allows you to boost your intelligence and wisdom stats at the cost of your constitution. In addition to lowering your health points, the helm also comes with another danger: if worn for too long, you will develop a splitting headache which will escalate into loss of health and eventual death.


Effect: +3 intelligence / +2 wisdom / -3 constitution


Cost: $122.87


a buffered analgesic

A plain white pill. Take it to cure your damaged stats.


Cost: $80


a card album

Keep your creator collector cards nice and safe. It comes with 5 pages and can hold 6 cards a page. You can also buy and add more pages to the album, buying additional sheets at the strange stall on Cockbill Street. Finally, the album has an index allowing you to list all the cards in the album.


Cost: $450


a chocolate sword

This heavy-sword is the perfect weapon for those with a sweet tooth - it can even be eaten for a quick pick-me-up.


Cost: $75


a flat cap

Wearing one of these caps boosts your wisdom and intelligence at the cost of your strength, similar to a bronze helm's effect but in different amounts. Also like a bronze helm, wearing it too long will cause damage and eventual death.


Effect: +3 wisdom / +2 intelligence / -2 strength


Cost: $106.08


a furry Pinkish doll

Everyone's favourite creator, in doll form! Pull the string to hear memorable phrases! Hours of fun!


Cost: $45


a golden thimble

Religious icon of Gapp.


Cost: $50

the Holy Blade of Soyin


no comment


Cost: $249.72


a pair of iron gauntlets

Also known as strength gauntlets, wearing these boosts your strength stat by 2 points.


Effect: +2 strength


Cost: $100.37


a jagged sparkly knife

A knife made of solid diamond, just the thing to let a dagger user fight trolls or other creatures with stone skin. It also comes in handy for wizards with trollskin, letting them cast Narquin's Mist of Doom.


Cost: $50


a lamp

A traditional magic lamp. Simply "rub lamp" and your very own genie will appear to grant you one wish, limited to a replacement of a lost quest item. He does tend to be a little moody, however, and may need some cheering up before he will help you. Once he's ready, just say you "wish for" the item you want and you shall receive it.


Cost: $1000


a line of shark teeth

Religious icon of Fish.


Cost: $50


a long, thin needle

Religious icon of Gapp.


Cost: $10.12


a metal helm

Also known as a light helm, this helmet doubles as a permanent light source. It will light up dark rooms without the need for torches, spells, or rituals, does not consume GP, and will never expire.


Cost: $437.50


a moose antler

A genuine moose antler. You can weild it as a weapon of type misc and hit people with it.


Cost: $120


a narrow ivory bracelet

Religious icon of Pishe.


Cost: $50


an ornate warhammer

A weapon of type mace, this warhammer is the perfect weapon for those who like to bludgeon their opponents to a pulp.


Cost: $707.12



A magical mace of epic proportion, Retribution is supremely suited to do-gooders who would smite evil-doers.


Cost: $675


a ritual fishing rod

Religious icon of Fish.


Cost: $50



A legendary and magical weapon, Sarilak is a excellent heavy sword suited to those who follow the path of evil.


Cost: $675


a small compact

A small compact lets you touch up your appearance. Rather than add description lines like the describe command, it actually lets you change your "strapping young human" line, replacing it with whatever you want.


Cost: $12


a small ivory statue

Religious icon of Pishe.


Cost: $50


a small square stone

Religious icon of Sandelfon.


Cost: $50


a soft fluffy ball

Religious icon of Gufnork.


Cost: $50


a sweetie shaker

These shakers contains sweets that boost stats in random ways. Each shaker only holds three sweets, and the effect can be negative as well as positive.


Effect: random stat modification


Cost: $80


a tinfoil hat

Helps stop Ray from spying on you. It's usefulness in preventing scrying is debatable.


Cost: $15


a warrior's brain cell

This lovely little cell, when eaten, can affect stats in two ways. For a warrior, it adds to your brain power and boosts intelligence by 1. If you are not a warrior, it lowers your intelligence by 1 and boosts your strength by 1.


Effect (warriors): +1 intelligence

Effect (non-warriors): +1 strength / -1 intelligence


Cost: $15


a woollen cloth

This is a special cloth that allows you to remove magic enchantments from jewellery. This includes erasing magical writing and removing blorped locations.


Cost: $40


a yellow stone ring

Wear it to light up a dark room. Consumes GP, and eventually runs out of charge, though.


Cost: $18.50

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