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T-shop Items

Rare and powerful artifacts and expensive toys


Here's some information about the various things you can find for sale in the travelling shop.


a black eyepatch


In true pirate spirit, wearing this eyepatch will halve your field of view. It cuts the number of display columns by half.


Cost: $x.xx


a black frisbee


A fun party toy for any occasion, you can throw this frisbee to anyone anywhere on the disc.


Cost: $x.xx


a pair of black leather gloves


Also known as dex gloves, these gloves boost your dexterity at the cost of your strength.


Effect: +2 dexterity / -1 strength


Cost: $x.xx


a bronze helm


The bronze helm allows you to boost your intelligence and wisdom stats at the cost of your constitution. In addition to lowering your health points, the helm also comes with another danger: if worn for too long, you will develop a splitting headache which will escalate into loss of health and eventual death.


Effect: +3 intelligence / +2 wisdom / -3 constitution


Cost: $x.xx


a metal helm


Also known as a light helm, this helmet doubles as a permanent light source. It will light up dark rooms without the need for torches, spells, or rituals, does not consume GP, and will never expire.


Cost: $x.xx


small compact


A small compact lets you touch up your appearance. Rather than add description lines like the describe command, it actually lets you change your "strapping young human" line, replacing it with whatever you want.


Cost: $x.xx

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