Tshop Stops


There's a lot of Tshop stops, about 40 or so. Here's a handy reference list I use to track it down, with a description of where it is and the brief look description of the room itself.


The actual Tshop entrance always shows up as the last exit in a room, so it's bolded on this list.




Filligree Street, east of the drum


Sator Square south of the University gates


Plaza of Broken Moons, south of the Hopper Street intersection


The Street of Small Gods east of the Temple of Small Gods


Attic Bee Street west of Short Street


Widdershins Broadway between Bing's Bank and the Lancre Bank


The Street of Cunning Artificers, northeast of Bitwash Street


Upper Broadway north of the Hubwards Gate


The Goose Gate, southeast corner


Five Ways, between Quarry Lane and Quirm Street


Parsnip Place, northwest corner


Treacle Mine Road, south end where it crosses Elm Street


Cockbill Street where it crosses the Lavender Mews


Pseudopolis Yard at its northwest corner


Wharfinger Street just north of the Misbegot Bridge





Eastern edge of the Bazaar


The Road of the Moon southeast of the Ur Gate


Ephebe Road southwest of the Harbour Gate


The Road of the Sun outside a jewellery store


Temple Street outside the Temple of Sessifet


The Hood





Ponder Alley


The Slouching Gardens directly north of the citadel


Eureka Chase


Petulia Avenue


Flatulus Walk, southwest of the Harbour Market





The Genuan docks, outside the harbour master's office


Minaret Street, near its centre


Savannah Road outside the casino


Rue Ephebe outside a toy shop near its south end



Bois village forest crossroads



Sto Lat


Royal Market


Middle of Rimwards Road


Cabbage Street northwest of the park


Cabbage Street northeast of the warehouse


Quirm & Hill, northeast of the market



Sto Plains


Holy Wood, middle of the main street


Nowhere, west of the crossroads


Sheepridge, southwest corner outside the post office


Dinky, west of the crossroads


Scrogden, at the shadoof


Hillshire, western end


Pekan Ford, at the crossroads


Bleak Prospect, southeast road





Ohulan-Cutash, middle of Long Alley


Mad Stoat, southwest road


Lancre Town, southern edge of the market


Slice, centre of town outside the general store


Escrow town square



Other places


Brown Islands, island centre


Thursday's Island