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Tshop Stops


There's a lot of Tshop stops, about 40 or so. Here's a handy reference list I use to track it down, with a description of where it is and the brief look description of the room itself.


The actual Tshop entrance always shows up as the last exit in a room, so it's bolded on this list.




Filligree Street, east of the drum

  • Filigree Street east of some shops (w,e,n).


Sator Square south of the University gates

  • The southwestern corner of Sator Square (ne,n,se,e,s,w).


Plaza of Broken Moons, south of the Hopper Street intersection

  • The east side of the Plaza of Broken Moons (n,nw,w,s,sw,e).


The Street of Small Gods east of the Temple of Small Gods

  • The Street of Small Gods (w,e,s).


Attic Bee Street west of Short Street

  • Attic Bee Street (s,nw,e,n).


Widdershins Broadway between Bing's Bank and the Lancre Bank

  • Widdershins Broadway (w,e,s).


The Street of Cunning Artificers, northeast of Bitwash Street

  • The Street of Cunning Artificers (ne,w,n).


Upper Broadway north of the Hubwards Gate

  • The south end of Upper Broadway (nw,s,w).


The Goose Gate, southeast corner

  • The Goose Gate (n,nw,w,e,s).


Five Ways, between Quarry Lane and Quirm Street

  • Five Ways (nw,w,sw,ne,e,n).


Parsnip Place, northwest corner

  • The northwest corner of Parsnip Place (nw,se,e,s,n).


Treacle Mine Road, south end where it crosses Elm Street

  • Treacle Mine Road (n,se,e,sw,s).


Cockbill Street where it crosses the Lavender Mews

  • Cockbill Street (n,s,e,sw,se,w).


Pseudopolis Yard at its northwest corner

  • Pseudopolis Yard (n,e,w,nw,sw,s).


Wharfinger Street just north of the Misbegot Bridge

  • Wharfinger Street (n,w,e,s,se).





Eastern edge of the Bazaar

  • The eastern side of the east bazaar (n,s,w,enter stall, e)


The Road of the Moon southeast of the Ur Gate

  • The Road of the Moon outside a dingy workshop (s,e,nw,w).


Ephebe Road southwest of the Harbour Gate

  • The start of a curve on the eastern side of Ephebe Road, near a small cottage (sw,n,w,e).


The Road of the Sun outside a jewellery store

  • The Road of the Sun (se,w,s,n).


Temple Street outside the Temple of Sessifet

  • Temple Street (se,w,s,n).


The Hood

  • The Hood's northwestern plaza (s,e,w,se,nw,n).





Ponder Alley

  • A fork in Ponder Alley [nw,w,s,e]. 


The Slouching Gardens directly north of the citadel

  • The Slouching Gardens of Ephebe, north of the citadel [n,e,w,nw,ne,s]. 


Eureka Chase

  • In the middle of Eureka Chase [w,e, n]. 


Petulia Avenue

  • Near the northern end of Petulia Avenue [n,se, sw]. 


Flatulus Walk, southwest of the Harbour Market

  • The northwestern end of Flatulus Walk [se,nw,n,e,ne, sw]. 





The Genuan docks, outside the harbour master's office

  • The northwestern corner of the docks (n,s,e,nw).


Minaret Street, near its centre

  • Minaret Street by a craft quarter (e,n,sw,s,w).


Savannah Road outside the casino

  • Savannah Road outside the Diamond City Casino (n,s,e,w).


Rue Ephebe outside a toy shop near its south end

  • Rue Ephebe (e,s,ne,se).



Bois village forest crossroads

  • A crossroads (ne,sw,se,nw,n).



Sto Lat


Royal Market

  • The southern side of the Royal Market (n,w,s,se).


Middle of Rimwards Road

  • Rimwards Road (n,s,e,w).


Cabbage Street northwest of the park

  • West of a big junction, outside a temple (nw,e,n).


Cabbage Street northeast of the warehouse

  • Outside a bar (sw,ne,s,n).


Quirm & Hill, northeast of the market

  • The intersection of Quirm Street and Hill Street (s,e,w,nw,n).



Sto Plains


Holy Wood, middle of the main street

  • A main street (n,s,w,e).


Nowhere, west of the crossroads

  • A dirt road (w,e,n,s).


Sheepridge, southwest corner outside the post office

  • A village (n,e,ne,w,s).


Dinky, west of the crossroads

  • A western road (e,w,s,ne,n).


Scrogden, at the shadoof

  • A path by a meandering river (nw,se,sw,w).


Hillshire, western end

  • The village of Hillshire (e,sw,s,n).


Pekan Ford, at the crossroads

  • A hamlet crossroads (s,w,ne,se).


Bleak Prospect, southeast road

  • A road by a rose bush (nw,e,se).





Ohulan-Cutash, middle of Long Alley

  • Ohulan-Cutash, Long Alley (e,s,sw,n).


Mad Stoat, southwest road

  • A village road [n,e,w,sw,s].


Lancre Town, southern edge of the market

  • The southern edge of Lancre Town (n,s,w,nw,e).


Slice, centre of town outside the general store

  • A road through Slice (n,e,w,nw,s).


Escrow town square

  • The northern side of the town square (n,s,e,w,sw,se,nw).



Other places


Brown Islands, island centre

  • The edge of a small native village (n,s,e).


Thursday's Island

  • A desert island (clockwise,anticlockwise,s).


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